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Blog from November, 2009

Flip-It Event

Thursday, December 4th; Old Trinity Room on West Campus, 7:00-8:30PM
Flip-It is a joint effort between the Duke Microfinance Leadership Initiative (DMLI) and the Institute for Sustainable Development (ISD).  The program partners students with local businesses to tackle sustainability challenges.  On Thursday night, students will work in teams to brainstorm solutions and participate in a pitch-back session with John Marcarelli of Dolly Mama Handmade Chocolates, a local family business that creates handmade chocolates using sustainable practices and local ingredients.  Refreshments will be provided.

Summary: The Fish Belong to the People Documentary Screening
Location: LSRC Love Auditorium

Time: 7 PM- 10 PM

WALKING FISH is pleased to welcome film director William Hyler for a private screening of his new documentary film, The Fish Belong to the People.

Please join us for the film, food, and a conversation with the director. In the spirit of community, we ask that you please bring a canned good as a donation. All contributions will be donated to a local food pantry.

About the Film:

The Fish Belong to the People, a feature length documentary, follows a group of family fishermen in Port Clyde, Maine as they work to save their fishing grounds from government, market structure, and themselves. With each passing season their way of life has slowly been extinguished by new ways of doing business that favors the most efficient and destructive ways of fishing over sustainability.

In the last forty years fishing technology has advanced largely unchecked and without conscious attention to the preservation of the fish stocks. As a result government and big business are slowly pushing small family fishermen out in the name of conservation.

With nothing left to lose, the local fishermen of Port Clyde are trying to stay afloat by finally becoming an environmentally friendly operation. Their proactive association is developing cleaner ways of fishing by reducing their use of powerful technologies at sea. On land they retool how their catch is sold- as a cleaner alternative that comes fresh off the boat straight to the public. Ultimately it is the people as consumers who will put their support behind factory machines or local family owned boats.

Please re-cast your vote for NSSC Co-Directors at the following link (prior votes will not be counted):


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Location: LSRC, A158
Description: Would you like to use your environmental expertise to change the world of business for the better?
Time: Nov, 20 2009 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

Join Katie Kross for a conversation with Nicholas School MEM alumni who are working in careers related to corporate environmental management, sustainability consulting, energy, and other green industries. You'll learn more about how these alumni are using their MEM degrees, how they got their jobs, and what job search strategies and resources they recommend.

¿Katie Kross, Associate Director, Corporate Sustainability Initiative, Duke University - moderator
¿Mary Jacques, Senior Engineer, Global Environmental Affairs, Lenovo U.S.
¿Katy Cagle, Senior Associate, ScottMadden Inc.
¿Nick Davis, MEM 2010, Summer Intern at Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E).
¿Julia Bunting, MEM/MBA 2010, Summer Sustainability Intern at Mars Corporation.

Please RSVP at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=JlyiDxqDylegoPGhdwqHYQ_3d_3d

Wednesday, November 18; LSRC A158, 5:30-6:30 PM 

Looking for an internship where you'll be doing real work? Want a client for your MP? Interested in grassroots environmental work? Want to pursue your own idea for an energy efficiency project? Clean Energy Durham is an energetic and innovative local non-profit that combines neighborhood organizing with energy education. We develop neighborhood-level skills and leadership that build community while changing household energy use. Attend this internship information session to learn more about summer internship opportunities at a unique and fun local organization.

Hey all,

I can offer a ride to up to two people for either (or both) of the legs of my journey from Durham to NYC (on Wednesday) and NYC to Durham (Monday).

I can drop you off anywhere along my route - but please note that I will just drop you off at the exit - I won't be meandering across the countryside.

Also - please note that if there are two passengers, the person in the back seat will be sharing with a cat (in a carrier) and a dog (not in a carrier).  i just ask that you help cover tolls/gas - and no heavy metal music.

Send me an email if you're interested - kfs8@duke.edu.



Hi all,

I'm leaving Durham for the NYC area early on Wednesday (leaving here around 6am).  I will leave the NYC region early on Monday to return to NC.  I can offer a ride to two people - but be advised that the back seat person will be sharing with a cat (in a carrier) and a 45 pound dog (not in a carrier - but he usually sleeps most of the way).  

Please be prepared to help cover gas and tolls - and heavy metal music is not tolerated.  I can drop you off anywhere along the route (85-95-895-95-87-saw mill river parkway-684. I will just get off at the exit - I will not navigate too far from the highway).

Send me an email if you're interested in a ride.




Hey all.  In case anyone was interested, I have a basketball ticket
available for Tuesday November 17th against Charlotte/Elon and one for
Saturday the 21st against Radford.

Shoot me an email and we can coordinate the exchange.

Go Blue Devils,
Thomas Minter

A friend of mine at the law school needs 4 people from the Nicholas School to conduct a research project that explores the dynamics of international law negotiations.  He needs 1 hour of your time (compensated by food and interesting information) sometime over the course of Sunday, the 22nd to Tuesday the 24th.  Details to come... but in the meantime, e-mail me if you have an interest, and we can smooth out the details from there.

Please send me a quick e-mail at: jlm85@duke.edu.  I hope to hear from you,


My boyfriend will be visiting the weekend before thanksgiving and needs a ride on Monday, Nov 23rd from Durham towards Beaufort, South Carolina. Anybody driving to Charleston, Beaufort, Savannah area would be perfect for him to ride along with.  He's 27, and delightful company.  He is also a great driver if you want someone to share the driving hours... and will definitely chip in for gas/tolls.   Let me know if you're interested --- my net ID is nat8. 


Need furnished apartment for spring semester

Hi, I'm looking for a furnished 1 bedroom apartment for spring semester. Please email me at kwon0605@hotmail.com if you're interested. Thanks. 

Lost Gray Cardigan Sweater

Hi All: I lost a gray cardigan today (Old Navy w/ buttons up the front).  I think in the 3rd floor computer lab (or perhaps 247 or 2nd or 3rd floor women's bathroom... i'm scatterbrained today).

 If it turns up, please let me know!  Many thanks.  Nicole- njb13@duke.edu

The Great Hall will feature a "Farm Stand," a new farmers market-style booth that will sell local and seasonal organic fruits and vegetables. Produce will be delivered multiple times a week from farmers within 150 miles of campus, including Duke's own Community and Honey Patch gardens, which are cared for by Duke students and employees.

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