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Blog from April, 2010

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Bike Bed Desk Chair on SALE

Hi All,

If anyone needs the following, please contact me. Or if you know someone looking for these treasures, please spread the word. I'm moving and don't have enough space.

1. Bike (with helmet and lock/key): pretty brand new, only rode it a handful of times. It's a light green, hybrid Diamond back--> everything for $200

2. Full size bed with frame, in great shape, bought it August 2008: $170

3. Wood desk, not too large with a pull out keyboard station. Ideal for small spaces or just need a small workspace. In great shape: $40

4. Black fabric swivel chair with arms and wheels. Also in great shape: $40

If you are at all interested, please contact me at mp116@duke.edu. I'm open to negotiations as well!!


Great 3 bedroom house

I am looking for a place (a room, garage, shed, office, fenced yard, etc) at the Marine Lab or in Beaufort where my 3 older housebroken dogs can stay for a few hours on the afternoon of May 20 and the morning of May 21 while I am attending meetings at the Marine Lab. I'm willing to pay $20 each day to whoever can offer me an adequate space for my pooches. You wouldn't have to be there or watch them or anything. The space could be indoor or outdoor, I just can't leave them in the car if it's too hot, and kenneling them is pricey.  They'd stay with me at the hotel overnight. Please reply to Leslie Pardue (NSOE staff member in Durham). Thanks!

Just got this through a Twitter contact. MEMs interested in global ag/water policy might be interested in the following conference:

Water for Food: Growing More with Less

Second Annual International Conference
May 2-5, 2010 | Lincoln, Nebraska USA


About the conference By 2050 the world population is expected to increase 40 percent and the demand for food will double. Agriculture uses 70 percent of the world's freshwater withdrawals for irrigation, and 60 percent of the food supply is produced by rain-fed agriculture, yet global water supplies face increasing demands from expanding urban populations and a changing climate holds unknown risks. We must grow more food using less water.

Hosted by the University of Nebraska and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Water for Food: Growing More with Less, will be May 2-5, 2010, at The Cornhusker Marriott Hotel in Lincoln, Neb., USA. Major conference sponsorship has been provided by the Robert B. Daugherty Charitable Foundation.

 Speakers include:

U.N. Panjiar, Ministry of Water, India

Martin Pasman, IRRI Management, Argentina

Prem S. Paul, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Shiqi Peng, National Agro-Technical Extension and Service Centre, China

Harvey Perlman, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Richard Perrin, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Elijah Phiri, University of Zambia, Leader of the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) Pillar 1

Jeff Raikes, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Rich Richards, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Organization, Australia

Pedro Sanchez, Columbia University; World Food Prize Laureate 

My housemate has an internship for the summer and wants to sublet.  Since I'd love to live with someone who's I'd enjoy living with for the summer, I'd like to let everyone know: if you'd like a place for a couple months this summer while your transitioning from one housing situation to the next, or you know anyone who is in town for the summer, please let me know!

Jessie Margolis

If anyone is looking for a wonderful house for a couple, look no further. The house is located at 1010 Anderson Street - a 10 minute bike ride door to door to LSRC and definitely close enough for walking. The house is new and is a beautiful space on the inside. Has 2 small decks, cherry floors, a marble island. It is a single bedroom, with two baths and a large main room used for kitchen, dining and living. The house is also walking distance to a grocery store and the Al Buehler trail around the WaDuke golf course. It has been perfect (or close to).

 Please let me know if you would be interested in renting it for next year or the summer. The rent is $900 w/o utilities but they are fairly low.


Andrew Jacobson (apj5@duke.edu)

Valuations Tutor Needed

A friend of mine needs a tutor to review F/S, 10-K, 10-Q valuations for a test she is taking on Monday. If you can help, please contact her at ezzmariam at gmail dot com. Compensation will be provided.

Looking for a bicycle

I'd love to buy your commuter bicycle from you if you are moving away or just don't need yours anymore. Hopefully it is small enough for my 5'4" shortness. I can take it now or in the fall, whatever is most convenient. jennifer.chin@duke.edu, 847 962 5361.

Let me know if you are looking for a housemate for this summer and/or for next year. I have a friend at the law school who has a 3-bedroom with another person, and they're looking for a third. They're cool, and would LOVE to live with a vegetarian. Drop a line if you're interested: jlm85@duke.edu.

Hope to hear from you,
Jessie Margolis