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Blog from July, 2010

FREE desk and chair

We have an extra desk and office chair in our house. The chair back is kind of broken, but the desk is in great condition. Email lac39 if you're interested. I can send you photos and more info. Thanks. Lauren

Contact:Tina Travis at Errand Girl of Durham.  This is my neighbor who started this service in 2009 after being laid off. 


Last spring a Nicholas School student without a car told me that she had an interview in Raleigh. I asked her how she would get there and was told she planned to take a cab.  I was concerned as I knew it would be very expensive.  I put her in contact with Tina at Errand Girl. The student thanked me so much for the suggestion.  She said that after the interview Tina had water and a snack waiting for her. (smile)

Tina is safe and reliable.



First year ESC/MF here, traveling from Alaska to Durham for the fall semester! I'll be driving from Jasper, AB (Canada) to Durham, NC from 8/14 to 8/18. I have space for one person and some luggage. If you'd like a ride to Durham and live somewhat along the way (route is flexible +/- a couple hours), let me know! I'm just looking for some company and someone to go 50/50 on gas. Driving is optional. I'm currently planning to camp for all but one night (motel shower on 8/15 or 8/16), and have an extra tent and crash pad if you don't have one. Lemme know!


Minifridge for sale!

A friend of mine is moving to Durham from India for graduate school and doesn't have his license yet.  He needs a driver to bring his car from DC to Durham on the 20th/21st of July.  Is anyone needing a ride from DC anyway that could drive the car back??

Please let me know! 


Contact info: Jmargo01@gmail.com, or 617-990-4052.

We are moving out of town and must sell this washer and dryer before July 15.


Kenmore White 2.1 cu. ft. Compact Portable Top-Load Washing Machine (4472).

Asking price: $150 OBO

We bought this washer new in 2005, have used it on and off for about three years. The rest has been in storage. It is in great shape.  


 Kenmore White 600 7.0 cu. ft. Electric Dryer - 6962.

Asking price: $150 OBO