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Greening Campout 2010

This year, Duke University Greening Initiative and GPSC are participating with Sustainable Duke to green Campout! You will notice the following changes and activities at Campout this year:

*Waste-free lunch at Campout (we plan to compost and recycle >95% of our waste) on Saturday, October 2nd around 12:30 pm

*Recycling shoot-out contest with prizes! Save your beer cans...Saturday afternoon event

*Painting Campout Green T-shirts for volunteers at waste-free event and trash/recycling shift volunteers.

To volunteer for the waste-free lunch or recycling shoot-out, visit http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/MKGBJTN. To volunteer for trash/recycling shifts, visit the Registration tent after the first check at Campout.Volunteers will get an hour where they can leave Campout to go shower or do whatever they want to do!!

Bleed Blue.
Live Green. Go Duke!