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Very Reduced Prices!! Everything must go this week!

If prices do not suit you, just make a reasonable offer

Items are located in Alexan Drive, Durham, 27707

PHOTOS: http://www.duke.edu/~ns81/Sale.pdf

Email me if interested: ns81@duke.edu

1. Two identical Simmons Box springs (basis) - mint condition

Can be used as the basis of two separate TWIN mattresses, or as the basis of one KING mattress.

50$ each, OBO.

Mattress in the photo is already sold. Only the box springs it is standing on are for sale now.

Mint condition. Smoke free, Pet free house!

2. Compaq Presario Personal Computer - full system (including a large 19"LCD screen) + all-in-one scanner/printer + black wooden computer desk + optical mouse + keyboard, 290$ OBO (Reduced, was 380$) - MINT CONDITION.

3. 32" flat-screen Sony Trinitron TV + cabinet, great color and sound, 3-devices remote control is included , 100$ OBO (Reduced, was 155$).

4. Set of a round ~42" diameter full-wood dining table + 4 full-wood chairs, 100$ 
(reduced, was 120$).

5. Medium red stylish microwave, Emerson, 25$ OBO (reduced, was 35$)
Model: Emerson MW8781RD.
700 Watt Touch Control Microwave Oven
More details: http://www.bestbuykitchenware.com/emerson-microwave-oven-0-7.html
Mint condition. Very lightly used.
I am asking for 25$ only (OBO). 

6. Two plastic laundry hampers + large and medium laundry baskets, 3-10$ each OBO
(reduced, was 7-15$).

7. Clothing iron + small seam ironing board as gift, 4$ (reduced, was 9$)

8. Twenty (20) cloth hangers, 6$ OBO (reduced, was 12$).

9. Many good condition pots and pans (part are new), varying sizes, starting at 2$ each (reduced, was 4$ each). Many mugs, plates and other dishes, knifes, boards, dishes organizers, starting at 0.5$ (reduced, was 1$ each) each.

Part of what you see in the photo is gone. I still have several good-conditions pots and pans, silverware, Brita, Plates, Bowls, Mugs, Glasses, etc.
Ridicules prices on what is left in the kitchen.

Please email me if interested: ns81@duke.edu

PHOTOS: http://www.duke.edu/~ns81/Sale.pdf

Very Reduced Prices! Everything must go this week!

If prices do not suit you, just make a reasonable offer.


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