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Blog from August, 2011

For sale:
$35 – Economics of the Environment, edited by Robert N Stavins, Fifth Edition (For ENV270)
$18 – The Non-Designer's Design Book, Robin Williams, Third Edition (for "Professional Communications", 298.98?)

Both books are in excellent condition

E-mail mmf8@duke.edu if you want 'em! If the school bookstore prices are cheaper I'll accomodate - I priced them according to Amazon used book prices which are usually cheaper.

Missing a green fabric pencil case containing papers (stamps, etc.) instead of pencils.  Lost 8/28/2011 in/near LSRC or Gross Chem.  Please email me (hcd7) with any leads.  Thanks.

Does anybody have the Landscape Ecology Optional Textbook that they would be willing to let me borrow/rent/buy for the semester?

 The book is:

Landscape Ecology in Theory and Practice, by Turner, Gardner, and Oneil

Please email me if you have this available!

Hi all- driving from Boston to Durham sometime between Aug. 15th and 18th (dates flexible). Any body looking for a ride any where on that route? Possible stop in Conn., NYC, or DC. email me if you are interested! (gma9)