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  • 209 - Conservation Biology and Policy
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Course Stats

Instructor(s): Larry Crowder and Mike Orbach

Units: 4

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Skills and Career Applications

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Registration Advice

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Student Opinions

I took this class in Summer 2009. It is a very broad class, and that semester it was taught to undergraduates, graduate students, and international students. Because of this, the instructors had to teach to students with a wide range of knowledge. There were a lot of subjects covered, and thus no one subject was covered in a huge amount of detail. We had classes three days a week, on Friday afternoons we went on field trips around the area. On Monday nights we had speakers come and talk about a wide variety of subjects (we had a marine scientist, a scientific journalist, and a law professor come and speak to us). Assignments included 2(question) exams that covered a lot of material, and a group project for the graduate and international students. This project took a lot of time and it would be best if you started on it early. Overall, in the summer semester, it goes by very quickly, and it is really essential that you keep on top of all of your work so the last two weeks aren't too hell-ish (though they ended up this way for all of us anyways). Good class overall, great overview to people who are interested in marine issues and interested in learning more about them.

The Instructor's Take...

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