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  • 298.04 - Economics of Forest Resources
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ENV 298.04 - Forestry Economics

Course Stats

Instructor(s):  Dr. Jeffrey Vincent

Units:  3

Semester Offered:  Usually Fall


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Skills and Career Applications

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Registration Advice

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  • The course is designed so that you do not require ENV 270 or other economics courses as a prerequisite.  Of course, the materials from 270 will help with Forest Econ, and conversely, taking Forest Econ is a good way to solidify and review core environmental economics concepts.
  • Workload is appropriate -- usually it consists of pre-class paper readings, a series of computation assignments, and a term paper.

Student Opinions

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  • The instructor is very receptive to student suggestions and academic interests.  The course design takes past student suggestions into account.  Also, the instructor makes an effort to relate lecture materials to the research interests and past work experience of students in the class (which are asked and discussed at the beginning of the term).

The Instructor's Take...

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