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How to Enrich Your Academic Life:

Registration: - If you really want to get into a small popular class, be ready to enroll when the enrollment window opens.  Typically this has been at 7:00am.  You should be sure to familiarize yourself with the registration website (ACES) before registration morning.  It is recommended that you have the classes you really want already in your bookbag before registration time, saving you time at 7:00 am.  As long as you have all of the permission numbers (if applicable) for the courses in your bookbag, you can enroll very quickly.  IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are limited to enrolling for X hours of credits during the first registration window, then be aware of how many credits you have in your bookbag.  You can put as many credits as you like in your bookbag, BUT if you have more than X credit hours in your bookbag and you groggily select the option to register for all of courses in your bookbag simulataneously, you will be enrolled in some courses and not others (up to the maximum allowable number of credit hours for that registration period).  In the past, ACES has not let you correct this mistaken enrollment quickly, preventing you from dropping a lower priority course for a higher priority course.  You can drop courses during registration, but be aware that ACES will sometimes still count the # of hours of a class you dropped towards your total.  For example: if you enrolled for 9 credits, but then decided you wanted to switch out a 3 credit course, ACES would let you drop the course, but not let you sign up for the preferred 3 credit course (while still in the initial registration period).  Eventually ACES realizes you only have 6 credits, and will let you enroll for the other 3 credit course (and more), but that may take until the next registration period (when the class might be full).  Key point = be prepared and know what you want to take.

The add/drop "shopping period" - Students can shop for classes by over-enrolling (16+ credits) themselves during the add/drop period, and then only keeping those classes they want past the end of add/drop.  Just fill out the proper form for over-enrollment, available at the Office of Enrollment Services (LSRC A-142).  If you miss the add/drop deadline, it is possible to withdraw from a class for which you are enrolled, but note that the withdrawal will show up on your transcript.

Permission numbers - Attention 1st Years: When you arrive for fall orientation you may hear something about permission numbers for courses.  While not all classes have permission numbers, those which do typically will fill up to capacity.  Being proactive to learn which faculty or staff member has the permission numbers for the courses you want is key.  They are typically distributed on a first-come first-served basis, sometimes with preference to students within the course's concentration. 

Class on demand - Courses specifying 'class on demand' require a certain amount of student interest in order for the class to become oficially open for registration.  Contact the professors with a list of interested students to obtain registration permission.

Independent study - Allows the freedom to develop your own course of study.  However, you must first find a professor to act as your independent study mentor in order to obtain permission for enrollment.

Auditing a class - You do not receive credit for courses you audit.  There is no additional charge for auditing a course if you are enrolled full-time.

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