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Bicycle Commuting


Bicycle commuting is a definite possibility in Durham - a number of members of the Nicholas Community bike all year long.  If you have bike commuted before, you should have no trouble transitioning to Durham.  If you are not yet comfortable on your bike, please be sure to review and follow the safety rules posted below.

Keep in mind that you can register as a bike commuter at Duke (it's free!).  Once you register you will receive 24 day passes that you can use throughout the school year for those days when the weather is not compatible to biking. 

There are plenty of locations to lock your bike up at Duke, and we even have covered bike stations right next to the LSRC so that your bike will stay in good shape. 

Additional Info

Durham is the proud home of the Durham Bike Co-Op, an NGO that works to promote bike commuting by offering low-cost/free services to community members.  This is a really great organization and a wonderful place to learn bike maintenance skills.  In exchange for volunteer hours, individuals can get a free membership. Keep in mind that the Co-op is only open on Sundays from 1-5pm - reason being that it is entirely run by volunteers.

We also have bike stores that offer services at cost (keep in mind that the Co-op as it is MUCH cheaper).  These include the Bicycle ChainREI, and additional stores in neighboring Chapel Hill and other communities. 

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