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Mountain Biking

Here is an excellent website with trail maps, directions to trails, trail closure information for local mountain biking spots in the research triangle.  A great way to find places to ride.                   http://www.trianglemtb.com/

Chapel Hill

  • If you need to get a quick ride in, and want to go somewhere close, be sure to check out the Chapel Hill trails.  There is a pretty extensive network of trails that is only about 15 - 20 minutes from Dukes campus.   The entrance to the trails is near the parking lot of Seawell School in Chapel Hill.  TThe coordinates of where people usually park for the trails 35 56' 25" and 79 04' 41", or just get directions to the Seawell school.  Trails are on both sides of the road.  Be wary though, it is very easy to lose your way as the trails are not well marked.  Go with a friend the first couple of times and give yourself plenty of daylight.


Outside the Triangle


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