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How to Reserve Classrooms

Nicholas School

Reserving classrooms in the LSRC is a bit complicated, because everyone claims some ownership of the building. As a result, different rooms have different owners and different reservation instructions.

  • The Nicholas School owns the following conference rooms and they can be reserved through Exchange calendar: A109, A148, A211, A312 and A336.
  • The Nicholas School owns only one classroom  and that is A158. It is managed by the DEL program and their office must approve all reservation requests through Exchange.
  • Other classrooms in the A wing of the LSRC - A155, A156 and A247 - and Love Auditorium in the B wing, and other buildings on the Duke campus, are owned and managed by Trinity College of Arts and Sciences and need to reserved through their system, available here: https://25live.collegenet.com/duke.

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