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Durham - Coffee Shops

Oh where, oh where can I study besides the LSRC?
Explore these Durham hang-outs for studying, group meetings, or relaxing with a hot beverage.

Francesca's Dessert Cafe

706B Ninth St
Durham, NC 27705

Telephone: (919) 286-4177


Google Maps Link: 

Mon-Thu 11am-11pm
Fri-Sat 11am-12am
Sun 11am-10pm
Francesca's is popular both for studying and meeting up with people, so it is not guaranteed to be quiet. Internet can be spotty at times. Lighting can be a bit dark if you are trying to read. You get a free refill on your cup of coffee! Coffee and tea selection is decent. There's yummy gelato, too. This coffee shop is open the latest in Durham (11p).The gelato is much more a treat.

Bean Trader's

Ninth St
Durham, NC 27705


Website: http://www.beantraderscoffee.com/

Google Maps Link: 

Bean Traders opens early and is not available for late evening studying. Don't be deceived by the small space you see from the windows, there is also a downstairs area. The downstairs is usually very quiet, almost library-like. Internet is very reliable. No free refills on coffee (although it is less than a dollar to get a refill).

  • great little shop to pop in and grab a cup on the way to class.

Mad Hatter's

1802 W. Main St.
Durham, NC 27705

Telephone:(919) 286-1987

Website: http://www.madhatterbakeshop.com/

Google Maps Link: 

A hopping place (they are a full cafe with plenty of food options), they don't really like people to sit and study during peak lunch hours or weekend brunch hours. Internet is very reliable, and there are electrical outlets everywhere! Unlimited refills on coffee! There are lots of windows for natural light.
Lively atmosphere, and a favorite for meetings.  Full espresso bar, and they brew Counter Culture.

Copa Vida Coffee

2816 Erwin Rd
Durham, NC



Google Maps Link: 

This is within walking distance of the LSRC. Get the internet code from the barista, although electrical outlets can be in short supply. I believe there was a free refill on this ginormous mug of coffee.
Not a bad place to study, wifi always on and open later than other coffee shops (10p).

Joe Van Gogh

1104 B broad street
durham, nc 27705

Telephone: (919)286-4800

Website: http://www.joevangogh.com/

Google Maps Link:

Best cup of coffee you'll get in Durham.  Locally roasted in Hillsborough, NC.  Great selection of beans, including organic and fair trade.  You can get a single-cup coffee press at very reasonable price - THE coffee place for a coffee coniseur.  They take their coffee serious and strive to be eco-friendly.  Superb place to study - wifi is reliable (get the code from the barista) and the regulars are friendly.  Everything a coffee shop should be! Not open for late evening studying.

Chapel Hill

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Where to buy beans for home.

  • Again, Joe Van Gogh's - the best cup of coffee you'll get in Durham.  Freshly roasted in Hillsborough, NC
  • Counter Culture - purchase at Whole Foods.  If you're really into coffee (or just curious), Counter Culture holds weekly 'cuppings' at their roasting plant.  You get to taste fresh roasted coffee and learn more about the roasting process!

Coffee 'cupping' at Counter Culture