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Wasp Auto is wonderful!  They specialize in Japanese makes, and will give you a ride to and from campus.  Plus, they're reviewed on CarTalk's page!



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  1. The other Auto Mechanics, Tire King (the one next to Kroger on LaSalle st in Durham) is really BAD. They take advantage of students!

    I was their customer for more than 2 years and suggested this place to other Dukies. But recently they got two new managers, and their service went bad. For example, once they spilled motor oil on my hood and refused to wash it saying that "somebody else did it". Another time (that was my last visit), they were installing a new seat belt (that I brought) but didn't install the buckle saying that wires are cut there. IN BOTH CASES THEY CHARGED THE FULL PRICE, without any explanations. When I discover the problem they refused to give my money back. And ONLY OFFERED MONEY BACK WHEN I SAID THAT I'LL WRITE A REVIEW about it!!!