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Durham Ethnic Restaurants


  • Kabab & Curry House - This little hole in the wall opened in early 2009. It doesn't look like much and parking is inconvenient, but easily bikeable if you live near Broad Street or Watts-Hillandale, and they deliver as well. The owner is super nice and hospitable. They'll even take big catering orders (~50 people) as early as the morning of an event. The food is decent, at least for those who aren't Indian food gourmets. At least the prices are cheaper than norm for Indian food ($7.95 veg or chicken dishes; $8.95 for red meats), and the naan ($1.50-$3.00) and parathas ($2.00) are super cheap and great study snacks/meals. Downside is that eat-in utensils are all plastic and styrofoam, so bring your own forks or use your hand (takeout containers are thankfully durable, reusable #5 plastic). So give them some business to keep them afloat, and maybe we can persuade them to shift serving practices! (2016 Guess Rd; 919-286-3303)
  • Dales Indian, 811 N. 9th St. http://www.dalesindiancuisine.net/index.html
  • Sitar Indian, 3630 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd http://www.sitar-indiancuisine.com/



  • Twisted Noodles - Great Thai restaurant in the Durham area, recommended by not only myself but Bon Appetit!  Yummy food with interesting specials, lots of variety on the menu and they accommodate questions and changes to dishes very nicely!  Out of the nearby area to the Nic school, but well worth it and easy to get to from 15-501 heading towards Chapel Hill on University Drive.  Enjoy! (http://www.TwistedNoodles.com)
  • Thai Cafe, 2501 University Dr. http://thaicafenc.com/


  • Bosphorus Restaurant - All the way out in Cary, but worth the long drive to try a new atmosphere or if you have Turkish friends.  The owners and hosts are a jolly and warm bunch.  Prices are high for Mediterranean cuisine, but this is a full service restaurant and you pay for the quality food, service, atmosphere, and presentation.  (http://www.bosphorus-nc.com/)


  • Pho9N9 - In Triangle Research Park Area.  If you miss good noodle in NC, this is place. Good Pho noodle, and Bun noodle. If you prefer spicy, B2 'Chicken Lemon Grass Vermicelli' is also good. (http://pho9n9.com/) Sunday close.

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