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  • EGRMGMT 230 - Finance in High Tech Industries
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Finance in High Tech Industries

Course Stats

Instructor(s): C J Skender

Units: 3

Semester Offered: Fall


(Official Nicholas School course description link)

From the Fall 2008 syllabus:

This course provides an overview of industry issues in finance and accounting, with an emphasis on accounting needed for effective financial analysis.  Topics include present value mathematics, tax considerations, cost behavior, break-even analysis, decision making, risk and return, capital budgeting, cost of capital, financial statements, dividend policies, allocation of revenues and costs, mergers and acquisitions, international strategies, and assessing a firm's value.  The purposes of this course are to acquaint you with complex corporate financial reporting requirements and techniques and to enable you to develop a framework for analyzing the political and economic significance of a wide variety of financial reporting issues.  The concepts, theory, and technical details will be examined carefully.  Exercises and problem cases will provide vehicles for class discussion.  After successfully completing this course you will be able to effectively function in a business decision-making capacity and to intelligently read and question an annual report and 10-K.

Skills and Career Applications

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Registration Advice

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Student Opinions

CJ Skender, the professor, is one of the most entertaining professors you'll ever meet.  And he really cares about his students.  He is a professor at Fuqua and Keenan-Flagler.  Read the article about him in BusinessWeek:  http://www.businessweek.com/bschools/content/sep2006/bs20060921_783380.htm

This course is about as good as a finance & accounting course can be.  The "High Tech Industries" part of the title is irrelevant - it's a standard finance course.  There are a couple of group take-home tests, which are easy, and a legitimate 3-hour final which is challenging.  Take this course instead of the equivalent course at Fuqua, which you probably won't be able to get into anyway.

The Instructor's Take...

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