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  • EGRMGMT 232 - Advanced Corporate Finance for Technology Based Firms
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Advanced Corporate Finance for Technology Based Firms

Course Stats

Instructor(s): C J Skender

Units: 3

Semester Offered: Spring


(Official Nicholas School course description link)

From the Spring 2009 syllabus:

The course provides an in-depth coverage of corporate finance.  Topics include valuation, tools of financial analysis and planning, working capital management, investment in capital assets, cost of capital, capital structure, dividend policy, intermediate and long-term financing, convertibles, exchangeables, warrants, mergers, corporate restructuring and international finance.  The purposes of this course are to reacquaint you with complex corporate financial reporting requirements and techniques and to enable you to develop a framework for analyzing and making intelligent decisions regarding advanced finance topics and issues.  The concepts, theory, and technical details will be examined carefully.  Questions, problems and cases will provide vehicles for class discussion.  After successfully completing this course you will be comfortable in a corporate finance decision making capacity.

Skills and Career Applications

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Student Opinions

Like EGRMGMT 230, this is also taught by CJ Skender, and is the follow-on class to EGRMGMT 230.  (Taking 230 first will make 232 easier, though it's not a requirement.)  This class goes more in-depth into financial topics; however, it is not as well-taught as EGRMGMT 230.

The Instructor's Take...

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