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  • ENV 239 - Human Health and Eco. Risk Assessment
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Course Stats

Instructor(s):  Dr. Ellen Mihaich (Environmental and Regulatory Resources, LLC),
Dr. Suzanne McMaster (US EPA)

Units:  3

Semester Offered:  Spring

Satisfies:  EEH Core; resource electives or tools for other concentrations


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Skills and Career Applications

(Insert comments on the intent and career applications of this class. Comments/Quotes from Nicholas Alumni are especially valued.)

Registration Advice

There is usually ample space to register.  Both instructors are active professionals; it may be wise to double check to see if the class will be offered in the coming Spring.

Student Opinions

Both instructors are seasoned professionals in the environmental toxicology field, and bring a wealth of experience to the class through technical and anecdotal instruction.  Guest lecturers are brilliant, speaking on timely topics and invited from diverse organizations, including the Department of Defense, a risk communications firm, and US EPA.

The Instructor's Take...

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