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Insert name of course

Course Stats

Instructor(s):  Jim Emery

Units: 3

Semester Offered:  Usually Spring



Skills and Career Applications

Insert comments on the intent and career applications of this class. Comments/Quotes from Nicholas Alumni are especially valued.

  • Reading company financial reports
  • Basic NPV and interest calculations
  • Porter's 5 Forces Model
  • 6 Domains of leadership 
  • Writing a business plan

Registration Advice

Insert comments here on how prospective students should approach registration for this class (hard to get into; sign up early; permission numbers; don't take if you already have heavy load; etc.)

  • The class is often packed full at the beginning, but loses a lot of people early on, so don't be discouraged if there is a waitlist.  The course is a relatively moderate to light work load, mostly case readings and a few team assignments.   No exam!

Student Opinions

This space is intended to compile general comments from past students on the course. It will be judiciously moderated for extreme and unprofessional comments, but otherwise, it is open to a broad range of student feedback.

  • This is a great overview of the major fields within business management:  financials, accounting, operations, leadership, marketing, strategy, organization, etc.  The biggest headache will be learning how to read financial statements, which is the first part of the class.  Everything else is really intuitive (as is business management itself), and shouldn't be too hard for the MEM to grasp.  The most foreign aspect will be getting used to business jargon and how business people think and like to have information delivered, which might not be intuitive to the scientist or manager.  Lectures might be a bit of a snooze sometimes, but the instructor actively engages student discussion.  The case readings are excellent (mostly from Harvard Business Review) and worth the class itself. 

The Instructor's Take...

This space is exclusively for the instructor to broadly comment on his or her course, and respond to commonly received feedback, explain methods and approaches, and encourage student registration. Instructors: Please limit to 300 words, or link to a wiki page of your own creation to explain in detail.