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  • EOS 251S - Global Environmental Change
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EOS 251S - Global Environmental Change

Course Stats

Instructor(s):  Dr. Paul Baker

Units:        3

Semester Offered: Spring


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Student Opinions

I took this in Spring 2008. At the time this was very much a seminar course where generally a guest speaker/another professor would be brought in and would then proceed to talk about his/her research. Sometimes the research would be really interesting sometimes not, and the relevance to global environmental change was sometimes iffy. When there weren't guest speakers we would have discussions about issues related to the reading (articles on various environmental change topics and the two books we read- one on slums and another on growth in China). The only things we submitted for grading were two papers (each 5 pages or less) so the workload was very reasonable. If you really like discussions and seminars on a wide variety of topics then you would probably like this class.

Very broad introduction to the changing global environment.  I like how topics included other ways in which the world is changing besides climate (including health, soil, food, water, etc).  Paul Baker is not the most organized professor so if you're the kind of student who needs a syllabus and clear idea of where the course is going, this may not be the class for you.  He is, however, very interesting and knowledgeable and up for discussions on a huge range of topics.

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