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Go to the website for info on printing, renting equipment, workspace and remote access info.

Electronic Calendars:  Duke now uses Exchange, which allows you to view other students' and faculty schedules to easily set up appointments or find common meeting times. It can also be used to reserve A/V equipment and certain classrooms in the LSRC. http://oit.duke.edu/email-accounts/exchange/calendar/index.php

Printing -- Nicholas IT uses the ePrint system provided by Duke OIT in the computer labs. Unlike Duke OIT, Nicholas IT does not at this time charge for printing. If adding ePrint to a personal computer, be sure to use the Nicholas-specific clients available for download http://nicholas.duke.edu/it/eprint/; Student workers will keep supplies stocked throughout the week and for the weekend, but toner and paper are available to students for the labs in A138. Used toner cartridges should be returned to A138 in boxes.  Be sure to either print on used paper, or to print double sided.

Duke OIT-- Separate from the Nicholas IT, Duke OIT is located in the Link in the basement of Perkins Library - (http://link.duke.edu). There is also a Duke Computer store in the BryanCenter.  Check their website http://www.oit.duke.edu/  for free and discounted software, including McAfee virus scan.  They also can provide some technical help if your computer breaks.  

VPN--Virtual Private Network.  This software allows you to access information restricted to people from within Duke's network remotely.  Useful for accessing library articles and accessing your drive space from home.              http://www.nicholas.duke.edu/it/remote-access

Copy Machines- There are several copiers in the building, but not all of them are accessible for student use. The copier in the student commons will allow you to use your ID card if you have money in your Flex account only (see the section on Flex cards). The copier at the end of the second floor hallway (past room A247) will take change only. Copy cards can be purchased from Devil's Duplicates at the Bryan center, and can be used in the copy machine on the second floor landing of the NSEES. However, this machine will not take MEM student ID cards or change.

A/V Equipment- The school has TVs, overhead projectors, Proxima projectors and the like for classes and school use. The A/V room is inside the faculty mailroom next to the Reading Room. A notebook for reserving equipment is in the faculty mailroom; the key to the A/V room can be checked out from the REP administrative assistant (room A118). Equipment can be reserved online by visiting the Nicholas t website listed above and following the audiovisual link or use dCAL.

Fax Machine- There is a fax machine in the faculty mailroom that is available for student use. Long-distance faxes require a calling card. Students can also receive faxes there. The phone number is posted next to the machine.

Phone Calls - Should you need privacy for a phone call for school use, contact Career Services.

Laptops - Nicholas IT loans out laptops with GIS if you should need one. Just email them and they'll have it ready for you!

Miscellaneous Supplies - The Career Services Office stocks a limited supply of materials that they make available, for free, to students. If you need a transparency for a presentation, or a manila folder, or a post-it note, see Thelma Jernigan in A108. Note: This is not for students needing large quantities of anything. The purpose is to prevent students from having to buy a ream of colored paper when they only need five sheets, etc.

Vending Machines- There are snack and drink vending machines in the basement of the building. The door to the basement is under the stairs in the lobby. The basement level requires card access after 5pm, so carry your ID card with you when you go downstairs.

Recycling - Recycling is around the corner by the women's bathroom on the 1st floor for white & blend paper, magazines, newspaper, aluminum cans, glass, and plastic . Duke's recycling program is more complete than Durham's - at Duke you can recycle any container numbered #1-#7.

Composting - The Nicholas School has it's own outdoor recycling bin.  Click here for more information on what can be composted.

Libraries -The website is at library.duke.edu.  From there you can access all of the electronic databases to search for and find journal articles.  If they don't have what you need, they can request it via interlibrary loan (ILL). The library help is also pretty good (you can IM them at dukeref).  Perkins-Bostock is the main library, located just off the academic quad.  They have lots of tables to study at and a few computers with GIS software installed. The Biosci library is located in the Biosci building.  Most of the older journals that aren't available online are located there.

Parking - Scratch off day passes can be used in the visitor lot at the corner of Circuit and LaSalle. Just don't forget to scratch them off or you may get ticketed.  After 5pm and before 7am, parking in most lots (including the admin lot directly behind the LSRC) is free as long as you swipe in with your DukeCard, unless posted as a 24-hour permanent parking spot.

Duke Outpost - Located under the BryanCenterPlaza, they rent outdoor equipment to anyone with a DukeCard. http://osaf.studentaffairs.duke.edu/programs/outpost/

Duke Bikes - Located under the BryanCenterPlaza, they rent cruisers, 3-speed bikes and 21-speed mountain bikes for free. http://siren.auxserv.duke.edu/parking/bikes/ 

Gyms - Duke has two gyms, one on each campus.  Membership is included with student fees and aerobics classes are offered regularly at no charge.  The schedule can be found at http://www.duke.edu/web/intramural/fitness/.  Rock climbing is available at the Wilson Gym on west campus once you complete a training session.  MEMs can also take PE courses; however the credits do not count towards graduation.

Basketball- Graduate students camp out for a weekend for the chance to purchase season tickets.  This year's campout is September 19-21.  Information can be found here http://gpsc.duke.edu/basketball.  If you don't get tickets you can walk up to most games for free with a student ID.  

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