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Current Officers


Lauren Campbell


Chris Wilfong

Vice President:

Kat Bedick

Public Relations:

Nemo Nemeth

Social Chair:

Nancy Scott

Social Chair:

Rachael Carnes

Intermural Sports:

Ben Parkhurst

Marine Lab Representative:

Dana Overcash


FOREM is THE social professional organization for all Nicholas School graduate students, faculty and staff. Our purpose is to foster an environment in which students can balance their academic and social lives. Every other Friday evening we hold our world famous Kegs-on-the-Courtyard socials complete with drinks and food. FOREM is a membership-driven organization, and while everyone is invited to attend our events, members get discounted admission to all FOREM events, free drinks & food at the Kegs-on-the-Courtyard socials and a limited edition reusable, eco-friendly & biodegradable, plastic beer stein. "If you can't beat'em FOREM."

Main Activities

We sponsor and organize the Halloween Bash, Winter Semi-Formal, Spring Banquet, Field Day and many other opportunities for you to rock out. FOREM also organizes other events throughout the year from watching Duke basketball games on the big screen to international potluck picnics and surprise Dunkin' Donuts breakfasts.


SOUND THE ALARM. There is ANOTHER FOREM keg just WEEKS AWAY!! --> Be at the LSRC Courtyard at 5:30PM on Friday 8/27

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