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Farmhand began in fall 2006 as a volunteer effort geared toward building awareness of sustainable agriculture throughout the Nicholas School community by providing physical labor for local small-scale farmers that produce healthy food for the Durham/Triangle community through sustainable agriculture. These dedicated farmers work hard every day to produce a variety of goods outside the conventional means of production that dominates modern agriculture. Through Farmhand, the Nicholas School volunteers hoped to support the farmers' important work, contribute to the local community, and learn more about environmentally beneficial farming practices.


Local farms strengthen communities by providing quality products through sustainable agricultural practices.  Embracing this movement, Farmhand works to build relationships between Duke University students and community farm holders by fostering an awareness of the agricultural heritage of the region and sharing knowledge on a variety of environmental efforts. Farmhand carries out this mission through the following activities:

  1. Regular Volunteer Days at Local Farms.  By assisting in regular chores with the farm owners, not only is knowledge about the functionality of farms gained, but students also have an opportunity to engage in physical activity and enjoy camaraderie and the outdoors.
  2. Sustainable Dinners.  These events offer the Durham community an opportunity to gather together, enjoy local fare, and encourage a dialogue centered on sustainable agriculture.
  3. Attending Local Farm-oriented events.  Farmer's Markets, North Carolina State Fair, and Annual Carolina Farm Stewardship Tour. 

 Newly elected leadership for the year 2010:

  • Co-Presidents: Morgan Fleming and Sarah Parsons
  • Honey Patch Coordinator: Sarah Parsons

 Farmhand Webpage