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Current Officers

President: Connor Coleman

Vice President: Chris Beauvais


Faculty Adviser: Norm Christensen & Dan Richter

Description and Mission

SAFE is the Student Section of the Association for Fire Ecology. SAFE was established in 2000 by a group of graduate students at the University of California, Davis from a variety of academic disciplines, who shared a strong interest in fire ecology and related issues. SAFE now consists of a network of campus chapters. 

SAFE provides travel grants to SAFE members wishing to attend annual AFE conferences, mentor functions at AFE conferences, and promotes chapter panel discussions, speakers and activities. We continue to look for opportunities to network with students at other universities. 

SAFE aims to provide students with diverse backgrounds with an open forum on fire ecology through which research can be shared, networks formed, and funding and information resources can be accessed.

Main Activities

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http://www.fireecology.net/pages/42 \\

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