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House Hunting in Durham

Even though there are plenty of housing options off-campus in the areas between La Salle and Morreene Rd. (closest to the LSRC), people planning to live there should really look at the off-campus housing survey reports put out by Duke Community Housingbefore committing to anything since many of the apartments in this area are either overpriced, have crime problems, or have maintenance/structural issues- the website's also a great place to look for both vacant apartments and room mate situations. 

(There are several campus and city bus routes that go by residential areas to campus so consider widening your search options.)


If you want to see if there have been many crimes in a particular area, you can use the Durham Police Crime Mapper website.  This allows you to look at records of the past two years, and you can look at what has happened near an exact address or intersection.

Resources for House Hunting

  • Duke Community Housing is a great all-in-one resource, and it includes listings of rentals.  They do not necessarily screen the postings, but there is some quality control because they reserve the right to refuse rental ads if there have been complaints.
  • Craigslistis also a good resource and considering housing in Durham as a whole is extremely cheap, you can get really good deals on housing if you're willing to look outside of immediate walking distance from campus.
  • Uloop has housing postings (along with lots of other stuff, too).  You just need to sign up using your school email address.  
  • GPSC, the Graduate and Professional Student Council, has a classified page with housing postings. 

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  1. Apple Realty manages several houses around the Watts-Hillandale/9th Street neighborhood. Generally good landlords, though they can be slow on repairing items...