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The Nicholas School has it's own compost bin, located in the south courtyard near the outside stairs closest to the Physics building.  Be sure to always add your waste to the left most side of the compost bin.  Here is a list of items that you can compost:

  • Raw vegetable/fruit waste
  • Egg shells
  • Coffee grounds and coffee filters
  • Tea bags
  • Plant waste
  • Basic grains (plain pasta, rice, etc.)
  • Leaves
  • Dead plants 
  • Unbleached paper towels/napkins
  • Compostable paper plates and paper cups

Please note that the compost bin CANNOT accept:

  • Oils or food cooked with oils
  • Dairy
  • Meat
  • Bones
  • Fecal matter (pet waste, etc.)
  • Compostable 'plastic' plates, cups and silverware

Compost from your home may also be dropped off at SEEDS whenever they are open. Or, you can always drop off compostable items at Whole Foods, or one of the two compost bins on Central Campus.  They are located at the Honey Patch Community Garden on Anderson Street next to the Doris Duke Center, or the Duke Community Garden next to the Smart Home on Faber Street.

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