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International Students Class of 2010

Shinsuke Kashikura, Environmental Economics and Policy, Japan

  • Research Interests: CDM project, Sustainable Development, Adaptation strategy for climate change
  • Education: B.A. Economics, Keio University, Tokyo, 2007
  • Bio: Born in Japan, 1984. After graduated from Keio University in Japan, I worked for one year as an intern at an environmental NGO, Conservation International Japan, where I could have opportunities to learn biodiversity CSR, and multi-benefit coffee projects.
  • Hobbies: Love tennis and jogging. I played tennis for four years during my undergraduate and belonged to track and field team, long-distance department for 6 years from junior high to high. Also, I love to play ping-pong.

Wenjie Zhuang, Environmental Economics and Policy, China

Research Interests: Renewable energy economics and policy
Also, I am interested in NPO management in environmental field.

Bio: I have spent my past 22 years in Shanghai, China and received a B.S. in Environmental Science at Fudan University in Shanghai. This is the first time that I got an opportunity to live outside my hometown for such a long time. My dream is to work for an international NPO or NGO one day. My past experience in China let me know a lot of local environmentalists who are now struggling in the front line of environmental protection. Their experience impressed me a lot and made me decide to go back to local areas to help them one day. I wish I can learn many useful skills in environmental management from NPO perspective in USA, and one day I can lead my own environmental projects in China through an international environmental organization.

Hobbies: I am crazy for traveling and photography. I enjoy observing the nature and people around me, and then taking pictures of them. I am also crazy for Chinese food, cartoon, anime, little video games, drama, etc. Anyway, I am a person who is always crazy for something. (smile)

 Eiichi Haraya, Environmental Economics and Policy, Japan

  • Research Interests: Development, sales, and marketing of environmental friendly products; promotion of sales outside Japan; environmentally sustainable business strategies.
  • Education: B.A. Science in engineering, Soka University, Tokyo, 2007
  • Bio: Born in Japan, 1983. After graduating from Soka University in Japan, I had worked for half a year as an intern at Sanofi-Aventis K.K., Japan.

 Cristina Villanueva-Aznar, Coastal Environmental Management, Mexico

  • Research Interests: Marine ecosystem-based management, whale sharks, gray whales, ecotourism and conservation.
  • Education: Majored in Oceanography at the Universidad Autonoma de Baja California, Mexico.
  • Bio: Born in Mexico City (1979... I know). Moved to Baja in 2000 to pursue my undergrad. Did research on ecotourism with whale sharks for 3 years in Bahia de los Angeles (Sea of Cortez); worked as a natural interpretation guide in whale watching with Kuyima, a Mexican ecotourism camp in Laguna San Ignacio (Baja, the Pacific side). Moved back to Mexico City in 2006 and worked for the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) analizing environmental/technical aspects of permits to use the federal marine-terrestrial zone. In 2007 started working for Pronatura Mexico (NGO) in their Climate Change program and later developing a proposal for a Marine Conservation program.
  • Hobbies: Love surfing whenever I can, love running whenever I am not too lazy and love love love music and weird books. I am the other International Rep in the Nicholas School Student Council for 2009.

Mikael Johansson Moberg, Energy and Environment, Sweden

Interested in renewable energy and energy efficiency. Also a concurrent degree candidate with the Master of Engineering Management degree.

Received a B.S. in Environmental Science at Mount Olive College, Mount Olive, NC.

I am born and raised in Sweden. Decided to come to the United States to play golf in College in 2004. I played college golf for four years and when i got accepted to Duke i decided to stick around for a couple of more years. 

I still love to play golf and do pretty much any physical activity, prefer when they involve some kind of ball. I am also one of the two international representatives in the Nicholas School Student Council for 2009.

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