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  Nicholas School Energy Club 

Current Officers

Co-Directors: Will Fadrhonc, Patrick Reaves

Finance Director: Andrew Dietrich

Communications Director: Navin Shekar

Fuqua Liaison: Nick Brumleve

Sanford Liaisons: Beth Conlin, Molly Ward

Pratt Liaison: Monica La

Law Liaison: Elizabeth Zander

At-Large Member: Brian Keaveny

Latest Announcements

11-06-2009 - Dean Series video online

Inaugural speaker Amory Lovins' presentation is now online!


11-06-2009 - MegaWatt Solar Presentation (11/12 at 6:30pm in A158)

Mark Preston will present concentrating photovoltaic technology and how MegaWatt Solar, based just down the road in Hillsborough, will position themselves in the market.  Refreshments, of course.  Should be a great presentation about an innovative technology and business plan.

MegaWatt Solar

MegaWatt Solar specializes in concentrated photovoltaic systems that are used for utility-scale power generation applications.  Each Basic Power Unit (BPU) concentrates approximately 20 times typical flat-panel solar energy onto optimized standard photovoltaic cells, producing approximately 1.0 kW of reliable, low-cost DC power.

Dr. Mark A. Preston

Mark Preston joined Megawatt Solar in September 2009 and is currently COO. Mark has more than 25 years experience developing both technology and products around power electronics and electro-mechanical systems. Before joining Megawatt Solar, Mark served in executive roles at GE, Glacier Bay, and Northern Power Systems.  At Northern Power Systems Mark led the development of a 100kW direct-drive wind turbine. Mark's experience also includes United Technologies and starting his own business. Mark is the author of more than 10 publications and he has been granted 18 patents. Mark holds a BSME from the University of Massachusetts and a Ph.D. from the University of Sussex.

10-28-2009 - Future of Capitalism (FUQUA, Nov. 5, 4-6pm)

Check out a cool event happening at Fuqua next week:

https://wiki.duke.edu/display/nickipedia/2009/10/27/The+Future+of+Capitalism+-+Panel+at+Fuqua?showComments=true&showCommentArea=true \\

10-28-2009 - *NEW* - UNC/NC State Course List - see Attachments tab

Allison Herren, a 2nd year MEM, has graciously compiled a list of courses that you can take outside of Duke.  Please go to the 'Attachments' tab and  check it out.  Thanks Allison!!


The next Energy Club meeting is on Wednesday, October 21,2009 at 4:30pm in A158.  Come one, come all!!  We will be discussing:

1 - Upcoming Events and Field Trips

2 - Elections for E-Club Leadership Positions

3 - Energy Club Happy Hour and Networking Event
 See you there. (FOOD will be served!!)


The summary of the kickoff meeting is listed under the "Attachments" tab above.  Here is also a summary from that:

 "At the first meeting we had some interesting and exciting ideas put forward regarding potential topics.  If you are interested in leading in these areas, please contact the person listed next to the area of interest:

NY Trip (Michael Kroon)
Local Energy Company speakers (Jada.TullosAnderson@duke.edu)
Alumni Outreach Career Panel (Corinne)
COP 15 Discussion
ACESA (AKA Waxman-Markey, HR 2454) Bill Discussion
Webpage/Nickipedia/NSOE blogging
Local Field Trips (Christopher.Benonis@duke.edu)"


Energy Club Kickoff Meeting
What: Nicholas School Energy Club Kickoff Meeting
When: 9/3, 6-7pm
Where: A158

Don't forget to take the survey! [Click Here to Take the Survey]

If you want to have a voice in what speakers and activities we have for  fall 2009 semester, please complete this 2-minute survey:
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Blog Posts

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Main Activities

Duke Clean Energy Field Study

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NY Times Energy & Environment Section 

Wall Street Journal - Environmental Capital Blog

Autoblog Green 

Matter Network 

E&E Publishing LLC 

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1 Comment

  1. Anonymous

    Here's a challenge for Energy Club members.  In the Spring 2009 issue of Duke Environment (page 3), why does Dean Chameides put solid biomass with wind and geothermal as renewable technologies that "will be cost-competitive with conventional fossil fuels by 2030"?  Solid biomass in the form of wood chips, sawdust, firewood and pellets have been making contributions for many years.  And these local renewable fuels have a lot more potential than is currently being used.  Using sensible assumptions for Btu content, costs and energy efficiencies, I think you'll find that wood chips cost about $5, coal $7, seasoned firewood $10, switchgrass pellets $15, shelled corn $16, natural gas $17, electricity $35, #2 fuel oil $37 and propane $43/MMBtus.  So, even without the true costs of fossil fuels factored into the price, sustainable technologies are already among the least cost alternatives.   Dean Chameides ends his article with an appropriate question, "So why are we waiting?" 

    If you come up with an answer, email me at  jlwchevy@ptd.net  .  You asked for alumni input (rear cover).