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CEM Student Life in Beaufort - Main Page

This portal directs you to information on school and home life in Beaufort.  One home life, look here for to prepare for everyday essentials, such as housing, transportation, and food.  You can also share ideas on local outings, nature explorations, entertainment venues, and volunteering opportunities.  

For information on services, entertainment, and life on-campus at the Duke campus:  please check out the Life at the Nicholas School page.

Studying at the Duke Marine Lab

Click above to look for housekeeping details such as Lost and Found, classroom reservations, tech help, where to study, et cetera.  Also check here for tips on navigating the DML campus, library info, parking, et cetera.




Health Services

Life's Details



  • The Coastal Society


    • shops/rentals:
      • Marsh's *our favorite and the best for rentals
      • AB *webcam surf reports. Most surf board collection(used & new) in AB areas.
      • Bert's
    • Swell forecast
    • tips:
      • bathing suits and board shorts are all you need from May - October
      • during the winter months, make sure you have a 4x3 wetsuit, booties, gloves and maybe even a hoody
      • best months for surfing are usually the hurricane months (September-October)
      • buoy data
      • tide information
      • shaka gnar gnar bra!



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