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How We Live Green!

Tucked all throughout Nickipedia are little nuggets of wisdom from generations of MEM's on how to live, shop, and eat green while you're living in Durham and Beaufort. Here's a little portal to help direct you to those tips!

Professional Stylin'

Who says enviro kids can't dress up and mingle with the big boys/girls? Dispel those b-school and law school myths that we're just a bunch of hippie treehuggers. We might like our second-hand jeans and rough-and-tumble fleece jackets, but we know what to do when it's business time...

Go to the Professional Stylin' portal for green ideas on business wear, dry cleaning, name tags, business cards, and more

Resource Sustainability


Markets, Farms, and Gardens


Where to buy stuff

Durham has a number of used stores where you can get everything you need for furnishing your apartment, and getting ready for school.

Furniture and other things for your home:

  • Everything but grannies panties - an amazing used furniture store in Durham. Granny's panties is essentially a home chock full of furniture, art, homewares (plates, pots, cups), and, oddly enough, dog harnesses.  The prices are always reasonable and delivery charges are pretty cheap.
  • Habitat for Humanity ReStore - the Habitat store is a great place to go for a new couch - they have probably the largest selection in the used furniture world in Durham.  They also have homewares, books, random home repair materials (sinks, doors, etc.), working tvs.
  • Thrift World - Thrift World mostly has used clothes, but they also have blankets, towels, random electronics, shoes, and a smaller selection of furniture.  They have lots of sales and price reductions and their stuff is very cheap.
  • Once and again - a more upscale thrift store that has very high quality used furniture (most of their stuff looks new).  Their prices tend to be a bit higher then other used stores, but their stuff is pretty unique and high quality.
  • Trosa Furniture Store - a store that works with substance abusers to get back in the workforce.  Proceeds benefit the Trosa program.

School supplies:

  • A number of stores like habitat will have random binders for school
  • The Scrap Exchange is a really neat non profit near the Durham Farmer's Market and Trosa Furniture that has a large selection of five cent binders, used notebooks (they take out the pages that have been written on), and other school supplies.  The prices are unbelievably cheap and it's the best place to go in Durham for school supplies. 

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