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Nickipedia - Carpool/Travel-share Posting Board

Looking for a ride to RDU?
Setting up a carpool to head home to Jersey?
Need hotel buddies for the Duke-Yale Fair?

This is where we can really save some carbon!
Look below for the ride calendar that fit your needs.


Between Durham and Raleigh, including RDU.


Between Durham and Beaufort.

Durham-Within NC

From Durham to elsewhere in NC.


Between Durham and DC.


From Durham to the New Jersey, New York, PA, and the rest of New England and Northeast.


From Durham to anywhere else. Includes international travel.


Between Beaufort and DC


From Beaufort to anywhere else. Including international travel.

Duke-Yale Fair

Rides to and from the fair, and Gallaudet/area lodgings coordination.  Make sure to include dates you'll be traveling!

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