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  • Picking an elementary school for your child
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While my education was the sole purpose for coming to Durham, my family accompanied me for the first year and my ten-year old child's education was also important.  Placing him in a safe learning environment had to be carefully coordinated. And all this had to be planned before we arrived in Durham.

So these were the tools I used.  First I went to a website (Greatschool.com) and picked out a list of schools and I picked the district closest to Duke Campus with an acceptable ranking.   Then, I checked around for affordable housing, within that district.  I also looked at the DATA system.  I googled all of the destinations and mapped out the locations.  I tried to get my residence 1/2 hour from Duke Campus by bus (I ended up at 40 mins.)  Durham elementary schools has school buses, which I did not know until I had locked into lease with our landlord. (and I tried getting the school within walking distance from home (15 mins. walking), so that my Wife could walk my son to school with a toddler in tow, this was not necessary.)  My son enjoyed his school, "Go Hillindale Elementary Hurricanes"!!  And this Grey Devil got to his work .

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