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Recommended Housing in Durham



There are on-campus housing options for grad students on Central Campus which is not particularly close to the LSRC (about a 20-25 minute walk), but the proximity to the Campus bus routes make it easy to get to main campus any time of day.  Complete information is on the Res Life and Housing Service website .  Check the website to see what restrictions are in place for graduate students on Central Campus, because priority is given to international students if housing is tight on campus.  The apartments are fully furnished, and it is possible to get paired with a random roommate if you would like.  This option is great for staying connected to on-campus events and using other campus resources, although there is not much of a community feel among grad students on Central.  Rent is paid per semester, and goes on your bursar bill, so you can pay it directly with student loans.  All utilities and internet are included, but not cable.


There are several apartment complexes within walking distance (~10-15 minutes) of the LSRC just on the other side of Erwin Road up Lasalle Street. The closest are the Lofts at LakeviewPoplar Manor The Belmont, Poplar West, and Campus Walk.  Another convenient aspect to these complexes is that in 2008 Duke added a bus line called the "LaSalle Loop" that runs every 1/2 hour, and stops right by these locations and on Circuit Drive right by the LSRC.

  • Colonial Village at Deerfield:   This is a highly recommended apartment complex.  It's mid-range for Durham: $700-1000 for a two bedroom.  But its location literally in the Duke Forest makes it one of the most serene and safest housing in town.  Short trails into the Forest right behind these apartments, and in the summer it almost feels like you're at a camp cabin with the darkness and cicadas' buzz.  Deer regularly walk nearby. 
    • Despite the relative seclusion, it's only 7 minutes by car to campus, and DATA Bus #6 runs hourly and drops off at LaSalle/Erwin.  Biking is possible, but is harder and does take you through a rougher part of town on Moreeene Rd.  
    • Amenities include pool, grills, weight room, tennis court.  The apartments are not too old, and some are renovated.  Electric ranges and ovens.  A/C and heating are all modern, so electric bills are very reasonable.  The management is traditionally very friendly, with fast repairs.

Neighborhoods and House Rentals

 A great neighborhood where many grad students live is Old West Durham (Old West Durham Neighborhood Association) and WattsHosptial-Hillandale (Watts Hospital-Hillandale Neighborhood Association)  Both are within biking distance of school and, if you live here, you should definitely sign up for the neighborhood listservs which offer tons of local advice and recommendations.  The C-3 bus (goes to Hillsboro St near Hale St.) can be a good ride to West Campus if you live in the Old West Durham neighborhood.  Apple Realty rents a bunch of houses in these neighborhoods.

The Burch Avenue neighborhood is also a pretty good area easily accessible to campus. 

The area around East Campus can be a convenient place to live because it is within walking or biking distance of the C-1 East-West campus bus which runs every 4-6 minutes during the day between the campuses.  The area can be patchy in terms of crime or how nice the neighborhood is, so you probably want to visit or have someone check on the exact place you are looking to rent. 

 Durham neighborhood map


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