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Durham offers curbside recycling for any home where they do trash pick up.  If you live in an apartment building that does not offer recycling, the city has 7 24-hour drop off centers where you can dispose of your recyclables. 

Additional Info

Recycling in Durham FYIs:

  • Any plastics with a number 3 or lower are not recyclable (i.e. yogurt containers).  A good way to figure out what plastic to put in the recycle bin is to see if it has shape.  Soda bottles, laundry detergent containers all have a big base that forms to a smaller spout - these are recyclable.  Yogurt containers are just one shape - and are not recyclable.
  • Whole Foods on Broad Street no longer holds their recycle days on the first Saturday of the month. 
  • Paper or cardboard with food waste/oils is NOT recyclable (i.e. pizza boxes)
  • Whole Foods Market on Broad Street will collect Stonyfield Farm yogurt cups to be recycled, even if you did not buy the yogurt at that store.
  • Plastic bags cannot go in your recycle bin - you must bring these separately to the store to be recycled.
  • Duke collects plastics 1-7 - bring your items from home and recycle them at school!

Please click here to be directed to the Durham solid waste site.  Once you're linked to the site, click on Recycling Brochure in the upper left corner.  This pamphlet will tell you what is/isn't recyclable, and will also direct you to the recycling drop off centers.