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Sublet in Washington D.C. for part of Summer

Great people and great location... looking for female subletter for a few weeks

One of my best friends is looking to fill her apartment, see her email below....  (posted by Katie LaJeunesse, kjl14)

I'm leaving DC for a few weeks at the end of April, so my roommate and I are looking for a subletter for April 22ish-June 10ish.  If you know anyone who is looking for a DC "launching pad", or needs a break from their living situation, please pass on this email!

We're flexible, but it would be ideal for the subletter to come before April 22, so that she* could meet Pranita (my roommate who will be in India for 2 weeks starting April 22)  [*Pranita's preference is a female roommate, but let me know if you have a guy in mind].  If you know anyone who may be interested, you can send this info:

Address: 2603 Connecticut Ave, NW - 3rd floor of a two-unit apartment, with an Indian restaurant on the first floor.  The Woodley Park/Adams Morgan/Zoo Metro station (Red line) is right across the street, and we're above Rock Creek Park (bike path!).  We have south-facing windows and a "balcony" (fire escape) off the kitchen, with a washing machine in the bathroom.  It's 800+ sq ft with 2 bedrooms, and we pick up free internet from the neighboring sushi restaurant.  My room comes furnished with a bed and desk.  The rent is really decent for the location, size, etc.  Whoever you have in mind can ask me about the price, stopping by or any other questions.

Oh yeah, and don't forget to mention that we have a view of the Washington Monument (sort of... ).



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