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The Master's Project (MP)


Ah, the mother of all things MEM...edit away!

Master's Project Examples

 There are two ways to access MP's by past students:

  • Via the Web at http://dukespace.lib.duke.edu/dspace/handle/10161/52. You can browse by author, title, subject, or date. Complete e-archiving of MP's has only begun in recent years, so MP's from before 2006 are not all here.
  • At the Nicholas School: For hard copies of MP's dating back a few years, go to Christensen Reading Room. You can sign them out for as long as you need to.

Funding Sources

  • The NC Fishery Resource Grant (FRG) gives one-year funding for projects benefiting recreational and commercial fisheries (including sea turtle/dolphin protection, conservation measures, sustainability marketing). Students need a community partner to apply, and submissions are in the fall of each year. Great for MEM students. (North Carolina Sea Grant)

Data Resources

  • Here's a good link for North Carolina population and demographic data (NC Office of State Management & Budget (ttp://www.osbm.state.nc.us/ncosbm/facts_and_figures/socioeconomic_data/population_estimates/county_estimates.shtm))
  • OnTheMap can create simple GIS maps from national census, economic, and commuter data. (US Census)

The Home Stretch

  • Need a projector to practice your MP presentation?  Go to this page to help figure out how.