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  • A-tailing of PCR products
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A-Tailing of PCR products

This protocol is for adding a 3' terminal 'A' overhang onto your PCR products that were amplified using a blunt-ended, proof-reading enzyme (i.e Iproof). The product of this protocol is suitable for PCR-based cloning into vectors such as TA topo and pGEM T-easy.

  1. You must gel-purify or PCR purify the PCR product to remove the proof-reading enzyme from the reaction.
  2. Resuspend the gel-extracted product in 30 ul of EB or water.
  3. To a new tube, add:
    17 ul of gel extracted product
    2 ul 10X taq PCR buffer
    0.5 ul dATP (100 uM)
    0.5 ul Taq poylmerase
  4. Incubate the reaction at 72 for 20 - 30 minutes.
  5. Briefly spin down the reaction before ligation.
  6. Ligate 1.2 ul of this reaction into a 4 ul pGEM reaction.
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