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  • How to order DHK for enzyme assays
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How to order DHK: 
Contact Dr. Stefan Martens of TransMIT GmbH Flavonoidforschung

His laboratory synthesizes DHK and ships it internationally in 5, 10, and 20mg amounts

His contact information is: stefan.martens@staff.uni-marburg.de; fax 49-6421-2825366

Payments are via bank order through the finance folks in the office (Carolyn Wooley usually). 
Be sure to ask him to parafilm the bottle so that it will not come open during shipping.

Stefan ships with TNT.  This company will receive the package at JFK international airport and then we have to fax them a letter stating that it is not hazardous and can go through customs.  After they receive the letter, they will send the DHK from JFK to us. 
A sample letter is on the wiki - just change the name and date as needed.

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