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To get editing access to the Wiki

Log into http://wiki.duke.edu (upper right-hand corner) with your Net ID and Duke password so you are recognized by the general Wiki server.  Please email Casey Roe (casey.roe@duke.edu) with your net ID to obtain editing permission for the Sustainability Network Wiki.

Post the projects that you, your group, or your department are working on:

Post your contact info and your affiliations:

Notes from Duke Student Environmental Leaders Summits:

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  1. Christine Tenekjian: cbt3

    Duke Diet & Fitness Center, Dietitian Clinician

    I'm the (unofficial) resident "Green Tips" expert for the DFC =)

  2. Great, you have been added Christine.

  3. Peter Heisler: pah10

    I'm one of the coordinators of EA's Take Back the Tap campaign.

  4. Hi Casey, will you add me to the Sustainability Network Wiki? Katharine Grant: kag21. Thanks for your help!