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h2. News and Announcements

*DEFEAT MASS EMAIL CLUTTER\!  Use the* *{_}News and Announcements{_}* *page to post student group events, job opportunities, questions, lost items, socials, public interest items, or whatever\!*

# Log-in.  On any Nickipedia page, click on *Add News* at the upper right hand corner of the page.
# You are now in the New News Post page.  Type in a post title and enter your content.
# *You must* *add labels* to your news post OR ELSE it won't show up on the right lists.*   This will help us organize postings Scroll down past the edit box, and you'll see a little "LABELS" sign with "Edit" next to it.  Click Edit.  Label your post with the short name of your organization, and a category.  Example labels include: _lost-and-found, FOREM, job-posting, SAWS, Coastal-Society, socials._
# Click Save, and you are done\!

*Remember, do not* post full email addresses or phone numbers -- either just post your net-id or [hyperlink|mailto:netid@duke.edu] your address.
*Don't forget* to also post the event on the [Nickipedia Calendar|Nickipedia - Calendar]\!

h3. Recent Posts (Last 2 Weeks)

*[*Click here for all past News and Announcements*|Nickipedia - All Announcements]*

h3. Official Nicholas School Press Releases