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  • A core expectation is that you will conduct your research ethically, and with transparency and honesty.  We need to ensure that research in the lab is of the highest quality.  If you ever have questions, discuss with Charlie.

  • Be aware that Duke's Community Standard and Student Conduct policies apply to all of your activities at Duke, including in the lab.

  • We meet weekly in a lab meeting, which is a time when our lab community comes together to share findings, provide feedback and other support, and learn about new opportunities for research and learning.  We realize that you can't attend every meeting.  But please make lab meetings a priority in your schedule!  

  • Come to the lab to do your research.  This provides a way to interact with others in the lab.  Spontaneous interactions and time together as a team will play a key role in your success.  

    • If you are an employee or graduate student, discuss your situation and expectations for working in the lab with Charlie. 

    • If you are an undergraduate, plan to invest at least 50% of your research time in lab during typical work hours

  • Keep a record of your research.  Maintain your data in good form so others can follow it, and archive it on Nunn lab server when you finish projects.  Consider using GitHub as a way to share your code and other documents.  When meeting with your mentor and/or Charlie have clear goals in mind and communicate them.  Even if you don't have something specific to discuss, prepare a summary of what you have done, and attend scheduled meetings with your mentor.  Sometimes the free-form meetings are the most productive.

  • A strong community means that we respect and support one another.  Provide constructive feedback, but not overly critical feedback.  Check in with others to see how they are doing.  Celebrate lab members successes!  Attend their presentations in the lab, across Duke, and at conferences, and if you cannot attend, let them know why you can't and ask if there will be another opportunity to hear about their work.

  • Information about research in the lab should not be presented on the web or discussed with the press without first consulting with Charlie.  This includes blogs, facebook, press interviews, etc.  This is important for several reasons.  First, advance press coverage of work can prevent research from being published in top journals like Nature and Science. Second, publicizing a research project too soon can lead to someone else finishing the work first (getting scooped!). 

  • Lab members should maintain a profile on the Nunn Lab website. The lab manager will set up accounts for lab members.  Please share your good news so we can send it out to lab members and post it on the website!

  • Maintain the safety of the lab.  Please keep the door closed and locked when people are not visible in the room. 

  • We also need to maintain an orderly environment in the lab.  Decorations on lab walls need to be approved by Charlie and hung properly.  Keep the sink and kitchen area clean.  If you have open food in the lab, you are guaranteed to be sharing it with roaches.  Project areas need to be kept clean and organized, and remember that a messy situation in your area can make other less inclined to come in.  Gear should be put away in the proper labeled location when you are finished with it.

  • Keep an open line of communication.  Let Charlie know if something breaks, if you discover a bug in your computer code that changes your results, or if a situation arises that makes you uncomfortable or upset.  Things break, bugs happen, and disagreements emerge... it is always better to share than cover up or hope no one notices, and to seek help that will get relationships back on a more even and productive footing.