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  • Am looking for a ride back Friday evening/night.  Sorry for being a little last minute, but if anyone else plans to return on friday night and has a spot in their car, I would really appreciate accompanying you on your way back.  Thank you! ev17. Elda
  • Looking for a ride up Thursday after 1pm and back Sunday afternoon.  I would offer to drive but my car is not in good shape.  The goal is to be in DC for dinner time on Thursday night and I am looking to be dropped off in the Woodley Park area.  Any time returning on Sunday in the afternoon should work.  Email jmj22 if you are down.  
  • Ride sharing Thurs morning to Sat. morning.  I'm looking to drive up sometime Thurs. morning and come back Sat. morning in time to go to the Duke-Miami bball game at 1:30.  Any takers in either direction?  I can drive or ride.  Email me at ajm42.  Drew
  • Jen S. posting. Driving up after 5:30p on Thursday (to DuPont area) and back late on Saturday. Still have some space in my car if anyone needs a ride.
  • Ride back on Friday night?  Ben L. here:  I'm looking for a ride up back from the Fair on Friday night, either after the reception or skippin' it.  Anyone who might have an extra seat that night, please give me an email at bjl8...
    •  To update:  I am now looking to drive up Thursday afternoon, more likely after Erika's class at 3pm.  But I am still preferin' to return on Friday night.  I know Sahil and Cassie Ann are interested in returning on Fri night, so they have dibs on return trip.  Anyone want to ride up on Thursday? 2-3 seats available.  bjl8.
    •  I am looking for a ride from duke to DC and also back to Duke. I would like to leave on Thursday evening/ late afternoon sometime. I would like to come back on friday night or saturday anytime before 6:00 p.m. Aishwarya. as232
      • 1 seat available to go up to DC on Thursday, leaving around 3pm (no return seat, tho).  bjl8.
  • Howdy all! Jada posting.  I am looking for someone who is interested in driving up on Wednesday at around 3pm and could drop me at a friend's place in Alexandria that evening.  I don't necessarily need a ride back; I could take the train back on Sunday.  I would prefer not to use my vehicle, but I am willing to share driving responsibilities of your car.  You can reach me at: 936.443.5322 or jada.tullosanderson@duke.edu.
  • Ride back on friday night: sahil thaker here: I am looking for a ride back from duke yale fair on friday night itself, any time is ok. I dont want to stay in DC for friday night. anyone who has an extra space in their car. please email me at sbt6@duke.edu. PLEASE CONTACT ME . THANKS!!