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ENV Undergraduate Courses

Upon navigating to some of these links, you may find that the names of some courses listed on their individual pages are different from those listed here. Do not fear. Some of the names of the classes were altered to accommodate uniform headers on the individual pages. Go by the class number and you will be fine.

List of Courses

  • 25. Inroduction to Environmental Science and Policy
  • 49S. First-Year Seminar
  • 50. Duke-Administered Study Abroad: Special Topics in Environmental Sciences and Policy
  • 100. Duke-Administered Study Abroad: Advanced Special Topics in Environmental Sciences and Policy
  • 101. Integrating Environmental Sciences and Policy
  • 105S Ethical Challenges in EnvironmentalConservation
  • 110L Ecology
  • 126S. Field Methods in Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • 128. Conservation and Management of Protected Areas in South Africa
  • 129. Environmental Science and Policy of the Tropics
  • 131.01. World Trade in Energy Resources
  • 146S Science Technology and Policy
  • 149. U.S. Environmental Policy
  • 159 - GIS and Geospatial Analysis
  • 160. Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology
  • 181. Special Topics in Environmental Sciences and Policy
  • 182. Special Topics in Environmental Sciences and Policy
  • 185. Senior Capstone Course
  • 191. Research Independent Study
  • 191A. Research Independent Study
  • 192. Independent Study
  • 192A. Independent Study

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