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19. How many hours should I budget weekly to complete my TA duties?

_Table adapted from http://www.utexas.edu/academic/dila/gsl/teaching/Jobduties.pdf_Image Removed


How Often?

Expected Dates

Resources to Assist

Attend Classes




Read Textbook/Assignments




Take Attendance




Take Class Notes




Maintain Office Hours




Conduct Review Sessions




Conduct Lab Sessions




Grade Homework




Grade Essays/Papers




Show Videos




Conduct Field Trips




Prepare Teaching Materials




Write Exam Questions




Proctor Exams




Grade Exams




Arrange Scantron Grading




Maintain Class Records




Meet with Professor or Other TAs




Coordinate Other TA's Duties




Prepare Mid-Semester Reports




Help Compute Final Grades




Communicate with Students Online




Develop or Maintain Course Website