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For the solar panels, the team realized there are some disadvantages to using the 2 two 100 W panels. They are large, expensive, heavy, and produce more power than necessary. Therefore, a consideration for the future is to use individual solar cells, which can cut the cost by as much as half. These could be mounted on a stronger base such as plywood or acrylic, and then woven into fabric to be placed directly on the tent. This reduces the cost and makes the solar panels safer as there is less risk for collapse.

There is also a lot of room for future improvement for the solar water heater. To achieve optimal heating, we would have to apply an absorption coating to the pipe. Right now, we coat the pipe in black spray paint to increase absorptivity. However, black spray paint also emits a lot of light, so the temperature decreases rapidly. An absorption coating would increase absorptivity and keep emissivity low, to optimally heating the pipe. Another improvement is enclosing the pipe in a vacuum tube, to reduce conductive and convective heat losses, since only radiative heat losses can occur through a vacuum. Finally, a tracking system could be implemented to allow automated movement of the pipe and mirror to ensure the focus always is at the pipe location.