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The Nickipedia Project is a Class Gift of the MEM Class of 2009.
We offer this collection of knowledge and personal experience to new students and future colleagues, in deep gratitude to the generous advice and kind fellowship we received from students and advisers before us. We hope you find this site useful, and that you contribute to this trove of information to keep it "sustainable" for years to come!

"Nickipedia - The Nicholas School Wiki" was created by the Nicholas School Student Council (NSSC) in Fall 2008, with technical assistance from the Nicholas School Information Technology office (NicIT), the Nicholas School Marketing and Communications Office, and with the support of the Nicholas School Dean's Office.

The Nickipedia mission is to provide a student-created information resource on professional development and life at the Nicholas School. As such, content management and administration is conducted by the NSSC, and content self-regulation is conducted by Nicholas School students.  We encourage the use of Nickipedia as a community organizing tool, preserving and sustaining the advice and thoughts of Nicholas School students from class year to class year.  (Full Mission Statement here)

All members of the Nicholas School community are welcome to add content to Nickipedia (currently editing permission is available to all with a Duke netID 11/21/2008).  However, we ask that faculty and staff refrain from editing student-written content, specifically those expressing student opinion.  Most pages have a Comment tool at the bottom of the page for use, and certain pages have sections reserved specifically for instructor or staff opinion. 

Should faculty and staff notice factual errors or infractions of the Duke Community Standards amongst Nickipedia passages, please note the page name, date, and time and report the incident to a Nickipedia Administrator.

Lastly, our website mascots, Nic the MEM and his trusty pup Duke, were originally created by Carol Guy Stapleton '08.  Thanks, Carol!

Current Administrators:

  • Kevin Lloyd, MEM '10
  • Meg Mobley, PhD Candidate
  • Benjamin Young Landis, MEM '09
  • Katie LaJeunesse, MEM '09
  • Susan Gerbeth-Jones, Assistant Dean of Information Technology, Nicholas School
  • Brian Johnson, Media and Communications Office Web Operations Assistant
  • Stephanie Thirolle, Nicholas School Director of Web Projects
  • Danny Williford, Duke OIT

We need new student administrators to help us continue to develop and grow the site.  Email us if you are interested!

Thank you for using Nickipedia!

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