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IACUC:  Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
IAM:  Identity and Access Management
IBC:  Institutional BioSafety Committee
ICA:  Insurance Counseling Assistance (program)
ICC:  Independent Contractor Checklist
ICD-10:  International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, 10th Revision
ICF:  Intermediate Care Facility
ICOIC:  Institutional Conflict of Interest Committee
ICS:  Investigational Chemotherapy Services
IDE:  Investigational Device Exemption
IdM:  Identity Management
IDS:  Investigational Drug Service
IEP:  Initial Enrollment Period
IEQ:  Initial Enrollment Questionnaire
IER:  Intermediary Expenditure Report
IFU:  Instructions for Use
IGSP:  Institute for Genome Sciences and Policy
IHI:  Institute for Healthcare Improvement
IIHI:  Individually Identifiable Health Information
IIT:  Investigator-Initiated Trial
IMaCS:  Innovative Managed Care Systems, Inc.
iMedRIS:  The company that created iRIS
IND:  Investigational New Drug 

IPA: Intergovernmental Personnel Act
IPC:  International Patient Center
IPE:  Interprofessional Education building (SON & Ortho)
IPEC:  Duke Health Center for Interprofessional Education and Care (SOM & SON)  or  Interprofessional Education Collaborative (national group)
IPRP:  Interim Payment Review Program
IR2:  Incident Response and Issue Resolution (a DOSI team)
IRB:  Institutional Review Board
iRIS:  Integrated Research Information Software (Duke Health IRB transitioned to this system)
IS:  Information systems  or  International Studies  or  Interdisciplinary Studies
ISDS:  Institute of Statistics and Decision Sciences (renamed: Department of Statistical Science)
ISO:  Information Security Office (Duke entity)
ISOP:  Information Security Operations Plan