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Three outstanding local gardeners, Frank Hyman, Katherine Gill, and Bekah Resnick, contributed their ideas towards a final design for the garden; the image of their to-scale sketch is to the right (click to enlarge).

The garden site was surveyed by Bekah Resnick and Matt Ball in December of 2008; the resultant map is used on the final layout map on the right, the full report is attached, and the lay-of-the-land is described below.

The site can be approximated as a 45 ft x 165 ft rectangle with the long edge running north-northeast away from Faber Street. If the garden extends slightly into the adjacent parking lot, limiting the lot to one row of parked cars, the site will have an area of 8260 square feet (0.19 acres). If the cars park in two rows, the garden area will be 7360 square feet (0.17 acres), an 11% loss. The site rises away from Faber Street at a 6% grade.


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