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1. Check and see if a pre-existing bullet fits your needs
2. Follow-up with the contact by clicking "Edit" on top, and type in your reply after the circle bullet.
3. If posting a new ad, just copy the template here, highlighting through the second open bullet, then paste after the >>
4. Don't forget to come back and delete your entry when you've secured a ride!

  • (Copy These 2 Template Lines and Paste after the ">>" Below to Make New Entry)
    • (Type reply here; to make new reply bullet, press Enter after the end of this sentence)

Place cursor after the arrows to paste entry >>

  • Test! Just a test from your friendly neighborhood Nickipedia rep... Let's go Duke! - Kevin Kev-Lar Lloyd
    • Another Test!  This is a test of an indented bullet, where people can post replies to a main bullet.   -- Ben Landis