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  • ENV 301.20 - Duke Forest Practicum

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ENV 301.20 - Duke Forest Practicum

Course Stats

Instructor(s): Judd Edeburn

Units: 1

Semester Offered: Spring



Skills and Career Applications

This class is a great way to get outdoors and do gain some more practical forest and recreation management skills for land managers.  It meets approximately 7x/semester on Friday afternoons, so is not a weekly commitment but the official assignments are usually done in groups in their own time on weekends mainly.  Get to learn about timber management (sales, fire, etc.), recreation management, land tenure, how to use a chainsaw (something every environmental/forestry student should know!), and even the opportunity if the weather is right to participate in a prescribed burn.  Great to take if you want some hands-on skills that may be applicable to future work in land management, and may even work with the Triangle Land Conservancy or another local land trust on a project.  Judd is passionate about the Duke forest and great to learn from, this is a fun class to get out in the field without it being a full 3 credit fieldwork course.

Registration Advice

Not hard to get into, usually about 10 students enroll.  The Friday afternoon meetings are scheduled around MP seminar schedules, but sometimes may conflict since the seminars are often not scheduled very much in advance.

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